i sit on the edge of my seat.  waiting for this evil to cease.  but the world is filled with both dark and light.  refusing to pay attention to the media won’t stop the hate and sadness from existing.  everyone who continues to breathe continues to push through the battle between good and evil.  those that give in to the darkness around them, whether it be ill feelings on a secret level or hate that commits murder, they are the ones that lose.  those that keep the smile on their face and love no matter the cost, those that go out of their way to help the needy, to make someone’s day, they allow themselves to be the light; they are the ones who keep darkness from prevailing.  we can’t sit by and think that we are helpless in the battle.  we cannot let the darkness think it overpowers the light.  we cannot believe the lie that says we have lost.  we tighten our borders and send out the troops.  we sit on the edge of our seats and pretend that our awareness makes a difference.  but if the bombs stop falling and the bad guys drop their weapons the earth will still be crying out.  its time to love your neighbor.  its time to creep out of your comfort zone, find the nearest war zone, and open your arms.  where people are hurting is where we should be, carriers of light and hope.  its time to stop getting so caught up in appearance and wealth and position.  it takes nothing but love to be the most powerful in the room.  allies of hope and peace and love must unite and take a stand.  get up out of your seat and vow to be that which you were created to be – a conduit of light and love in a world full of darkness.  it is time to put all else aside.


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